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Bombshell: More Obama admin spies attempted to insert selves into Trump campaign - Thomas Lifson

by Thomas Lifson

"I will tell you, when we finally find out the truth about this, director Clapper and the rest of them are going to be wearing some orange suits."

Last night, Michael Caputo, the former Trump campaign aide who has been forced to sell his house to pay legal bills arising out of the Mueller probe, let slip a bombshell: he was approached by at least one other government informant who was attempting to be planted into the campaign. Appearing on The Ingraham Angle along with Carter Page, he made the stunning charge eight minutes into the interview embedded below:

Chuck Ross, who already deserves a Pulitzer for his incredible reporting on the Obama administration spy ring, spotted the revelation:
"Let me tell you something that I know for a fact," Caputo said on "The Ingraham Angle" with host Laura Ingraham. "This informant, this person [whom] they tried to plant into the campaign ... he's not the only person who came at the campaign. And the FBI is not the only Obama agency who came at the campaign."
"I know because they came at me. And I'm looking for clearance from my attorney to reveal this to the public. This is just the beginning."
The eye-opening disclosure came at the end of a highly informative discussion with Carter Page about his interactions with Stefan Halper, the informant already believed to have pumped members of the campaign for information. For some reason, after identifying Halper by name on air, Fox News has reverted to the practice of keeping his name secret, at least for the moment. Halper evidently was quite a charmer, according to Carter Page. Yet Halper also is believed to have planted with George Papadopoulos (whom he also paid $3,000 for a "research paper") the information about Russia having hacked DNC emails, which information Papadopoulos then revealed to Australia's ambassador to Great Britain (called the "high commissioner" among Commonwealth countries), who then fed it to the FBI to justify the FISA warrant.

Up until the revelations of spies (or "informants" as the New York Times and other anti-Trumpers call them) worming their way into the Trump campaign, it was fiendishly complex explaining to members of the general public what went on. But everyone understands the words "spy," "secret agent," and "informant."

The revelation that the Obama administration security apparatus was spying on the Trump campaign is easy to understand and outrageous on its face.

Right now, members of the Trump campaign are thinking back and remembering people who approached them in a friendly way, seeking information or maybe access to the campaign as a volunteer at an expert level. No doubt, many if not most – or potentially all – will be innocent encounters. But maybe some of them were acting upon instructions from not just the FBI, but whatever other agencies Caputo had in mind.

Tick, tick, tick...

Thomas Lifson


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The Real Agenda Behind the “Right of Return” - Joseph Puder

by Joseph Puder

And why its the chief obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Events in Gaza this week illustrated with clarity the primary reason for the failure of the peace process.  As long as the Palestinian national leadership is wedded to the notion of the “Right of Return” to Israel, there is no realistic way to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace and a two-state solution.  Hamas’ attempt to mobilize “a march of a million” into Israel, fizzled away.  Most ordinary Gazans were unwilling to become martyrs on behalf of Hamas, but it is not only the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza that is seeking to force the “Right of Return,” through violence. The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is likewise unwilling to compromise on an issue that Israel could never accept, since it would spell national suicide for Israel.

Efraim Karsh, writing in Commentary Magazine (May 1, 2001), pointed out that “During a span of six months, from the Camp David summit of July, 2000 to the Taba talks a few days before his crushing electoral defeat in February, 2001, (PM Ehud), Barak crossed every single territorial ‘red line’ upheld by previous Israeli governments in his frenzied quest for an agreement with the Palestinians based on the formula of land for peace.  Unquestioningly accepting the Arab side’s interpretation of the UN Security Council Resolution 242, passed in the aftermath of the Six Day War of 1967, Barak’s government offered to cede virtually the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip to the nascent Palestinian state, and made breathtaking concessions over Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem.  But, to its amazement, rather than reciprocating this sweeping comprehensive offer of land with a similarly generous offer of peace, the Palestinians responded with wholesale violence.

At Taba, the Palestinians also insisted, with renewed adamancy, on another non-negotiable condition that had been lying somewhat dormant in the background of the Oslo process, began in 1993.  No peace would be possible, they declared, unless Israel guaranteed the right of Arab refugees of the 1948-49 war and their descendants, to return to territory that is now part of the state of Israel, and to be compensated financially for lost property and for decades of privation and suffering.”

Next September will mark the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Accords signed on the White House lawn.  It was a watershed event in the Palestinian national movement, following almost 100 years of an armed struggle against the Jewish community in Palestine and the State of Israel.  The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), which represented the Palestinian national movement, decided at this point to join the “peace process,” supposedly abandoning the armed struggle (i.e. terrorism), and recognize Israel’s “right to exist.” It was a tactical ploy, not a strategic decision to change its ways.  Yasser Arafat demonstrated his insincerity soon after “renouncing terrorism” and recognizing “Israel’s right to exist,” in Geneva, (December, 1988), when 6 months later he authorized a terrorist attack south of Tel Aviv (in Palmachim).

Israeli peace negotiators were so enamored with the “peace process” that they ignored the Palestinian claim of the “right of return,” by choosing to postpone the issue, hoping that it would disappear in time.   The Palestinians however, interpreted the Israelis putting off the issue as an ultimate Israeli agreement to accept in the future.  Since 2008, when PM Olmert exceeded even Barak’s concessions to the Palestinians, the Palestinians, under Mahmoud Abbas, still rejected all the Israeli concessions and in recent years, Abbas has even insisted on pre-conditions for his return to the negotiating table.   

The core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is rooted in the Palestinian demand of the “Right of Return.” It is the collective belief in the legal and moral right of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to their ancestral homes in Israel.  It is central to the Palestinian national identity, forged by decades of indoctrination by the PLO in the Palestinian school system, media, and mosques.  It is also the most potent obstacle to any peace agreement. 

Israelis too, maintain a core belief, which is to keep Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, a safe haven for Jews who have been persecuted in Christian Europe and the Muslim Middle East.  In fact, the 1948-49 War of Independence produced not only Arab-Palestinian refugees, but even more Jewish refugees from Arab countries.  These Jewish refugees lived in their native Arab states long before the arrival of Islam.  However, unlike the Arab-Palestinian refugees, who were deliberately kept in refugee camps and denied citizenship in Arab countries, Jewish refugees from Arab states were successfully absorbed in Israel despite difficult economic conditions in the early years of the state.

The litmus test for the parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is in the willingness to compromise.  The Zionist leadership was able to accept partition of Palestine in 1947, and again after the Six Day War of 1967, accepted the formula of land for peace, and ultimately the idea of the two-state solution.  The Palestinians, on the other hand, refused partition and chose violence against the Jewish Yeshuv in Palestine, and later against the State of Israel.  And they still refuse to compromise on the “Right of Return,” which has placed a peaceful solution at a dead-end.  While the issues of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria are solvable, there cannot be a solution to the “right of Return” other than the Jewish state committing demographic suicide. 

The Palestinian national movement represented by the PLO is incapable of reaching a peaceful political solution with Israel as long they demand the “Right of Return.” As a result, they might eventually return to the armed struggle option, which its leaders find more comfortable, albeit, it might jeopardize the lucrative cash payments they receive from the aid packages the EU and others provide them with.  At this time however, Mahmoud Abbas and his regime are not ready to take up arms.  The Hamas leadership is also not opting for a confrontation with Israel by firing missiles. 

Addressing the Palestinian Central Council in Ramallah, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, characterized Israel in his speech as “a colonial enterprise” that is bound to disappear.  This kind of rhetoric is at the heart of the Palestinian problem.  Abbas is deceiving his Palestinian people with an historical falsehood, and unrealistic expectations.  Israel is a reality that is visible to all. Israelis are here to stay. They have nowhere else to go.  They have forged a distinct peoplehood and culture that is permanent and solid.  In order to advance the Palestinian project, Palestinians must undergo an historical and ideological transformation that will enable them to look realistically at Israel.  Perhaps then a compromise will be possible, and the “Right of Return” will be an option to return to a Palestinian state - not to Israel.

In the meantime, the Palestinians and Hamas in particular, have learned the hard and bloody way…that they cannot exercise the “Right of Return” by force.

Joseph Puder


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John Brennan in Panic Mode - Joseph Klein

by Joseph Klein

Former CIA chief faces the legal consequences of his dirty deeds.

John Brennan, director of the CIA during the Obama administration, is running for cover. He could be facing criminal charges for his role in the Deep State cabal that sought to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and then to undermine the legitimacy of the duly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. Acting in desperation as the noose tightens around him, Brennan tweeted a warning to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, claiming they will "bear the majority of the responsibility of the harm done to our democracy" if they don’t stop President Trump from continuing along his “disastrous path.”  The “disastrous path” to which Brennan took such umbrage was the president’s own tweet on Sunday, in response to news reports that an FBI informant was hovering around members of Mr. Trump's campaign and asking them questions under false pretenses. President Trump demanded “that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!”

Brennan is evidently unfamiliar with the U.S. Constitution. Here is a simple explanation for the man who once voted for the Communist Party candidate for president, Gus Hall, even though Hall by then had been a long-time enthusiastic supporter of the Communist Soviet Union’s hardline expansionist policies. The Department of Justice is part of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government. Under Article II of the Constitution, Mr. Brennan, the president of the United States is the head of the Executive Branch. The president, therefore, is acting within his constitutional authority to order the Department of Justice to undertake an investigation of possible abuse of power for political purposes within the Executive Branch over which he now presides.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has proven that he is no shrinking violet, had no trouble ordering the Department of Justice Inspector General’s office to look into the matter raised by the president. Unlike Brennan, he understands the scope of the president's constitutional authority. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein said in a statement: “If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action." Department of Justice spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores added, "The Department has asked the Inspector General to expand the ongoing review of the FISA application process to include determining whether there was any impropriety or political motivation in how the FBI conducted its counterintelligence investigation of persons suspected of involvement with the Russian agents who interfered in the 2016 presidential election."

President Trump believes, for good reason, that Brennan was at the center of the cabal seeking to take him down. Borrowing from the sentiments of a former Secret Service agent and conservative commentator, Dan Bongino, President Trump tweeted on Monday morning that Brennan was the “one man who is largely responsible for the destruction of American’s faith in the Intelligence Community and in some people at the top of the FBI. Brennan started this entire debacle about President Trump.”

Indeed, Brennan was the prime instigator behind the Russian collusion witch hunt, which grinds on despite having uncovered apparently no evidence implicating the president after more than a year of investigation. Brennan pushed the FBI to get involved, using the discredited, unverified Steele dossier as a lure. The dossier was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but that did not matter to Brennan and his cabal. “Just because it was unverified didn’t mean it wasn’t true,” Brennan said about the dossier on Meet the Press earlier this year. The dossier served as a major justification for the FBI and the Department of Justice to apply to the FISA court for a surveillance warrant to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

As the Tablet reported, “The warrant allowed the FBI to intercept not only the communications of Page, but also anyone in contact with Page whose metadata—phone number, email, etc.—might have signaled a pattern interpreted by FBI analysts as potentially meaningful to a counterintelligence investigation. In other words, the warrant was a backdoor giving the FBI access to spy on the entire Trump campaign.”

In trying to distance himself from the infamous Steele dossier, which played such a critical role in moving the Russian collusion investigation forward, Brennan may have committed perjury in his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in May 2017. Brennan claimed that he did not know who commissioned the Steele dossier and had “no awareness” whether the FBI ever relied on the Steele dossier as part of any court filing. He also denied that the CIA had relied on the dossier. According to a report by Paul Sperry, published by RealClear Investigations on February 11, 2018, “Several Capitol Hill sources say Brennan, a fiercely loyal Obama appointee, talked up the dossier to Democratic leaders, as well as the press, during the campaign. They say he also fed allegations about Trump-Russia contacts directly to the FBI, while pressuring the bureau to conduct an investigation of several Trump campaign figures starting in the summer of 2016.”

President Trump picked up on Brennan’s dissembling in his May 21st tweets, quoting Dan Bongino: “We now know that Brennan had detailed knowledge of the (phony) Dossier...he knows about the Dossier, he denies knowledge of the Dossier, he briefs the Gang of 8 on the Hill about the Dossier, which they then used to start an investigation about Trump…Brennan has disgraced himself, he’s worried about staying out of Jail.”

John Brennan used his perch as CIA director to subvert the U.S. political system in a way that would make Vladimir Putin’s KGB and its successor, the Federal Security Service, proud. Brennan must now face the full consequences of his actions.

Joseph Klein is a Harvard-trained lawyer and the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom and Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations & Radical Islam.


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Jihad via the Ballot Box - Eileen F. Toplansky

by Eileen F. Toplansky

Muslims are engaging in the soft jihad that will irretrievably change the landscape of America by substituting sharia law for the Constitution.

In his 2008 book titled Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad, Andrew C. McCarthy sounded the alarm when he described a "zealous international network of warriors dead certain that history and Allah are on their side." Since then, this network has not diminished; it seems to metastasize in every part of the world.

Violent jihad by its nature makes headlines and causes grief and anger. It also gives resolve to those who would fight back. Law enforcement will track down the perpetrators and bring them to court or kill them outright. But a far more dangerous and insidious undermining of America continues unabated. It seeks to ultimately destroy the foundations of American values.

It is important to see the larger picture of what the Islamic jihadists assiduously work to achieve in this country. Connecting the dots irrefutably proves their game plan.

It begins with immigration, or hijra. I have often wondered why a group of people accustomed to very warm climates continues to settle in extremely cold geographical areas. Consider that the Nordic countries now boast a growing Muslim population, and Minnesota is now host to Somali Muslims. In war lingo, this could be construed as a siege, whereby a country's borders are sealed off by the enemy...with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside.

Hijra is immigration by jihadists who seek to populate and dominate new lands. They have absolutely no intention of assimilating peacefully in a new host nation. In fact, they scorn the host nation's traditions and legal systems. Rather, hijrah is a means to "colonize and then transform non-Muslim target societies since the ultimate goal is global submission to sharia law." So Sweden, under the much vaunted multicultural umbrella, opened its borders to Muslim immigration. Today, it is the rape capital of the West.

In March of 2018, Sweden applied sharia law for the first time. Thus:
While many have acknowledged the influence of Muslim migrants in no-go suburbs in Sweden, such as feminists in Stockholm, the case is the first time sharia law has influenced a case in the country's court system.
Despite pushback from Swedish legal experts against sharia law in this case, demographic trends suggest that Sweden will become one-third Muslim by the year 2050 and makes the prospect of continued legal challenges inevitable.
According to Pew Research, "[b]y 2050, the U.S. Muslim population is projected to reach 8.1 million, or 2.1% of the nation's total population – nearly twice the share of today."

By contrast, Japan "is teaching the whole world an interesting lesson: there is a direct correlation between national heritage and permission to immigrate: a people that has a solid and clear national heritage and identity will not allow the unemployed of the world to enter its country; [while] a people whose cultural heritage and national identity is weak and fragile, has no defense mechanisms to prevent a foreign culture from penetrating into its country and its land."

After hijra has been firmly established, there is the infiltration into the school system, beginning with the promotion of Islamic attire. Then Islamic groups stipulate that history classes shine a positive light on Islam. Demands for halal food are made. Did you know that Common Core's funding comes from Qatar, Libya, and Saudi Arabia? As a result, American students "now participate in public school sponsored trips to mosques via taxpayer expense and girls must wear head scarves." Students pledge allegiance in Arabic and recite the Shahada ('There is No God but Allah') as well as the Muslim call to prayer. Equally alarming:
The Sovereign fund of Libya initially took a 3.27 per cent stake in Pearson. 3.27% is a significant stake in what is the largest educational publishing company in the world. Pearson is a $9 billion giant that dominates textbooks, testing, teacher evaluation, IT platforms for schools, and may have the largest investment in lobbying of any publishing company operating in the United States. Pearson is also a major supplier to states who have adopted the Common Core Standard.
According to a February 2012 study by Citizens for National Security about Muslim Biased Textbooks in Florida, four are published by Pearson. Obvious pro-Islam bias is quite clear. A 2011 study of Muslim-biased textbooks in America "concluded that Pearson published 13 titles where significant Muslim bias was uncovered." Also relevant is the fact that
Federally subsidized Middle East Studies centers are required to pursue public outreach. That entails designing lesson plans and seminars on the Middle East for America's K-12 teachers. These university-distributed teaching aids slip into the K-12 curriculum without being subject to the normal public vetting processes. Meanwhile, the federal government, which both subsidizes and lends its stamp of approval to these special K-12 course materials on the Middle East, has effectively abandoned oversight of the program that purveys them (Title VI).
As the Islamification continues, mosques play a critical role in disseminating hatred against freedom. In The Mosque Exposed, S. Solomon and E. Alamaqdisi detail how mosques are much more than religious outlets. The mosque is the driver that ensures that "segregation and refusal to assimilate and integrate make it a divisive and discriminatory source that continually influences those who worship. The mosque is a part of the socio-political, socio-religious, socio-economical, socio-legislative, judiciary, militaristic system," whose aim is to thoroughly undermine American separation of church and state and the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.

Islam "contends that all persons are born 'slaves of Allah.'" In fact, "a subservient status is given to members of other faiths." According to the World Atlas site:
Mosques increased in number from about 1,209 in the year 2000 to about 2,106 in the year 2010. This is a 74% increase in a single decade. Most of the mosques in the United States are found along the Eastern Seaboard and Great Lakes. First on the list is California with about 198 mosques in the state and counting. Second is New York with about 131 mosques in the state. Third is Texas with about 58 mosques in the state. Fourth is New Jersey with about 56 mosques. Fifth is Michigan with 55 mosques. Sixth is Pennsylvania with 43 mosques. Seventh is Illinois with 43 mosques. Eighth is Florida with 42 mosques. Ninth is Georgia with 40 mosques. And tenth in the list is Virginia with about 27 mosques in the state and counting.
Again, notice the way that states on the U.S. border show the most increase in mosque-building.

Finally, there is the voting booth. According to Investor's Business Daily, in 2014, "the radical Muslim Brotherhood ... built the framework for a political party in America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc." The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) aims to elect Islamists in Washington, "with the ultimate objective of 'institutionalizing policies' favorable to Islamists ... that is, sharia law." In fact, "America's first Muslim political party is made up 'of the inner core of American Islamist organizations' that portray themselves as an innocent 'Muslim coalition.'" It is deception at its core.

And, to wit, there is now a blue Muslim wave, where American Muslims are launching political campaigns. In fact, "more than 90 American Muslims, nearly of all of them Democrats, are running for public office across the country this year." Whether donning hijabs or business suits, these individuals are engaging in the soft jihad that will irretrievably change the landscape of America by substituting sharia law for the Constitution. It has already begun.

Recently, the 1939 movie Confessions of a Nazi Spy aired on the television. It was a courageous attempt to disseminate powerful messages about the rise of Nazi fascism to millions of Americans. One of the potent lines in the movie from the American Nazi leader was "And we know that ... we must destroy the chains that tie the whole misery of American politics together! And that chain is the United States Constitution."

Islamo-fascism is but another form of Nazi terror – it has a religious component to it, which makes it perhaps even more dangerous. If we continue with our willful blindness, there will be no turning back.

Eileen can be reached at

Eileen F. Toplansky


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The HIV Crisis in Russia - Emil Avdaliani

by Emil Avdaliani

Although the spread of HIV has gone down in much of the world, including in African countries, in Russia the rate of HIV infection is rising every year

BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 842, May 22, 2018

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Russia is experiencing an ever-growing number of reported HIV cases since the breakup of the Soviet Union. An estimated 1.5 million HIV cases are accompanied by a general decline in the Russian population that is expected to continue over the next several decades. A diminished population will directly affect Russia’s army, its military capabilities, and its economy, and thus its ability to position itself as a world power.

In 2016-17 Russia’s AIDS epidemic reached a dangerous level, with the threshold of registered HIV-positive people reaching the 1 million mark. The real numbers could be even higher, as many people tend not to divulge this problem. Some unofficial reports claim the true figure could be some 1.5 million, or almost 1% of the Russian population.

Drug use is no longer the main cause of growing HIV rates in Russia. The disease is now increasingly spread via sexual contact. If earlier the majority of HIV patients were lone drug users, these days they include entrepreneurs, workers, housewives, students, and other active members of the population.

Although the spread of HIV has gone down in much of the world, including in African countries, in Russia the rate of HIV infection is rising every year. Since 1987, when these figures were first recorded in the Soviet Union, 204,000 people have died of HIV in Russia. The fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the relative openness of borders, particularly through the Central Asian region, made heroin and other injectable drugs easily accessible to Russians. In the late 1990s and onward, through trafficking routes from Afghanistan, infection rates across Russia steadily rose.

There are numerous reasons why the Russian government has not been as successful as the European states or the US at battling this problem.

Central to HIV is the use of opioid substitution therapy (OST), which replaces intravenous drug usage with an opioid-based oral medication. This medication can be methadone or buprenorphine, both of which are prescribed by a physician. It has been shown that through the use of OST, drug addicts can enjoy a more stable life, thereby reducing the transmission of HIV.

Needle exchange programs are another way to decrease HIV transmission. Though they have saved lives in programs around the world, they have been largely neglected in Russia.

The persistence of the problem in Russia is surprising, as almost all of Russia’s neighbors have made significant progress in reducing HIV transmission. For example, China and Iran have both established methadone maintenance programs. Even the countries of the former Soviet space are faring better.

Russia has lagged significantly behind what other countries usually spend on similar problems. For instance, in its most recent move, the Russian government budgeted just $297 million for the treatment of AIDS-infected individuals. Unfortunately, this only allows for the proper treatment of up to 300,000 people, or a maximum one-third of the entire pool. Moreover, there will be no funding increase for this purpose until 2019.

In September 2016, Russian healthcare officials announced they would be replacing foreign HIV medication with drugs produced in Russia. Many think locally produced medical solutions are not of the same quality and will only create more difficulties; others disagree. In either case, the central problem is that treatment is not available to everyone in need. Drugs are not accessible in remote towns. If a person from a Russian province is currently living in Moscow, he or she will be expected to return to their provincial doctor to receive treatment.

The broad reach of HIV is directly linked to the power of the Russian state. More than one million infected people means that almost every 140th Russian has the infection. According to some statistics, these people are in the 18-50 age range, their most capable period in life. Considering the poor healthcare conditions, their prospects are not bright, limiting the country’s workforce.

High numbers of HIV cases and the resulting high mortality rate go hand-in-hand with the general trend in Russia of a gradually decreasing population. Various statistics, including those published by the UN, claim the Russian population is set to decrease by more than 10-15 million people by 2050. The decrease could influence the success with which Russia manages to project its power beyond its borders. The trend of population decrease is widely observable both inside and outside the former Soviet space, with Poland and Germany suffering a similar problem. But while European countries are investing more in technology and are developing telerobotics to uphold their industrial growth, Russia lags.

A less competitive economy and a smaller population would inevitably have an impact on the Russian projection of direct military or economic power in the former Soviet space. Bearing in mind how Russian influence has continued to diminish since the breakup of the Soviet Union, by remote 2050, the process might accelerate dramatically.

It has always been a hallmark of Russian history that its large population served as a bulwark of the strength of the state. World wars and foreign invasions of the heartland were blocked by large armies. The Russian population decrease along with the high and growing HIV percentage will directly influence Russia’s military power and thus its ability to project its influence abroad.

BESA Center Perspectives Papers are published through the generosity of the Greg Rosshandler Family

Emil Avdaliani teaches history and international relations at Tbilisi State University and Ilia State University. He has worked for various international consulting companies and currently publishes articles focused on military and political developments across the former Soviet space.


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IDF shells Hamas post after Palestinians breach Gaza border - Israel Hayom Staff

by Israel Hayom Staff

Palestinians infiltrate security fence, sets fire to empty IDF post in defunct Kissufim crossing and flees back into Gaza

An Israeli tank shelled a Hamas observation ‎post in ‎southern Gaza Strip Tuesday after a group of ‎Palestinians breached the security fence and set ‎fire to an empty IDF position. No injuries were ‎reported. ‎

The IDF said that the group, which was able to get ‎to the posts near the defunct Kissufim crossing, was ‎under surveillance from the moment it approached the ‎border. They set fire to an abandoned post and fled ‎back into the coastal enclave.‎

Meanwhile, Palestinians fired at cars traveling near ‎the settlement of Dolev, 12 miles northwest of ‎Jerusalem. No injuries were reported but some damage was ‎caused to one of the vehicles. ‎

Security forces cordoned off the area and were ‎searching for suspects. ‎

Since Hamas, the terrorist group that rules Gaza, ‎launched its "March of Return" campaign on March 30, ‎there has been a steady increase in attempts to ‎breach the Israel-Gaza Strip border.

The IDF said ‎many of these attempts see Palestinian try to place ‎explosives on or near the security fence or harm ‎Israeli troops in other ways. ‎

Also on Tuesday, the IDF revealed that a Gazan drone ‎breached Israeli airspace and crashed in the Shaar ‎Hanegev Regional Council. The military did not say when the incident took place, noting only that the drone was picked up by the ‎military for inspection.‎

Israel Hayom Staff


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Air Force Commander: '100 missiles were shot at our aircraft' - Kobi Finkler

by Kobi Finkler

Head of IAF reveals 'Syria fired more than 100 missiles at our aircraft; The Iranians fired 32 rockets at Israel, four were intercepted.'

IDF Spokesperson
The commander of the air force, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, spoke Tuesday morning at the air force commanders’ convention in Herzliya.

Norkin said that "Syrian anti-aircraft fired, on the night of our attacks in Syria two weeks ago, more than 100 missiles at our aircraft; The Iranians fired 32 rockets at Israel, four of them were intercepted and the rest fell outside Israel's territory. "

Norkin noted that "The IDF's aerial defense systems, David's Sling, and Iron Dome have 85% success rates.”

He also revealed that “The [F-35][ Adir planes are already operational and flying in operational missions. We are the first in the world to use the F-35 in operational activity.”

Addressing the recently-demolished Hamas terror tunnel, Norkin told the 20 air force commanders present that "The Hamas tunnel that we attacked and destroyed from the air was dug at a depth of 20 meters [65 feet]."

The commander of the air force was speaking at a special conference attended by air force commanders from various countries around the world. The International Air Force Commanders' Conference is considered one of the flagship events within the framework of the Air Force's 70th-year events.

The conference, which was planned for about a year, continues for three days, during which air force commanders from about 20 different countries convene, hosted by the Israeli Air Force. The conference includes lectures, tours, strategic discussions and joint air training.

"The conference is of great importance and influence on the air force, the IDF and the State of Israel," the IDF said, adding that the conference “reflects the military cooperation between the air force commanders and the countries and serves as a bridge for cooperation and a place for strengthening diplomatic relations between the countries.”

Kobi Finkler


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Uproar in Israel as PA appeals to The Hague - Nitzan Keidar

by Nitzan Keidar

PA seeks ICC investigation of Israeli 'war crimes' against Gaza rioters. Foreign Ministry: 'Cynical move without legal validity.'

Gaza rioters
Gaza rioters
Flash 90
Israel condemned PA efforts to have Israeli political and military officials prosecuted in the International Criminal Court in The Hague for “war crimes” against rioters on the Gaza border.

The Foreign Ministry said that the PA appeal to The Hague was “a cynical move that is not legally valid. The PA continues to abuse the tribunal for political purposes rather than to promote political negotiations.”

"It is ridiculous that the Palestinians do this while they continue to incite to terror and use children and women as human shields to cover their violent attempts to harm the security of Israeli citizens."

Jerusalem adds that the PA appeal to The Hague is not legally valid, and that the court has no jurisdiction over the Israeli-Palestinian Arab issue - since Israel is not a member state of the court and the Palestinian Authority is not a state.

"Israel expects the court and the prosecutor not to surrender to Palestinian pressure and not to allow the Palestinians to bring about further politicization of the tribunal or to divert it from its original mandate. Israel operates in accordance with independent and thorough judicial oversight and review mechanisms, as appropriate for a democratic state and in accordance with international law," the Foreign Ministry said.

Nitzan Keidar


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Sharia, Lies and Videotape - Jamie Glazov

by Jamie Glazov

A leftist’s embarrassing attack on a former child bride unveils the pernicious lies of Jihad Denial.

Anni Cyrus is a former child bride from Iran who suffered terribly under Sharia Law and was able to miraculously escape Islam’s totalitarian clutches. Today she is a human rights activist who tours our nation in an effort to raise awareness about Sharia; she runs her own website,, and produces this writer's web-tv show, The Glazov Gang, which aims to tell the truth about the Leftist-Islamic Unholy Alliance.

Anni’s brave and noble fight on behalf of Muslims and non-Muslims who suffer at the hands of Jihad and Islamic Law has made her all the right enemies. The hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center, for example, is now targeting Anni, as is the Muslim-Brotherhood front-group CAIR, which is doing its best to try to silence the former child bride. Anni should take pride, of course, in these kind of attacks by these vile forces, since they confirm that she is doing something very right and humane -- and effectively so.

Anni was recently invited to the Henry Monsky Lodge of B’nai B’rith in Omaha, Nebraska, to talk about Sharia Law and how she survived it. At the end of her talk, a leftist by the name of Steve, who described himself as a “lawyer,” attacked Anni with the preferred Jihad Denial slanders and accused her of preaching “hatred.” His intriguing performance was caught on video -- which can be seen here. As it quickly became evident, Anni takes no prisoners when confronted with ignorance and she wiped the floor with Steve -- just as she recently did with an Antifa “feminist.”

The exchange between Steve and Anni is crucial for us to highlight and examine, because the accusations and slanders that Steve hurled at Anni are the key falsehoods and smears that hate groups like CAIR and SPLC hurl at her and at other truth-tellers and freedom fighters. These malicious libels and slanders are at the core of the Jihad Denial that is now controlling our culture and its boundaries of discourse. And it is precisely this denial that clouds the threat we face in the terror war -- and pushes what propels it into invisibility.

Because Jihad Denial achieves this destructive feat, it disables our civilization from making a proper threat assessment. It prevents us, therefore, from gauging clearly what is actually killing us and, therefore, from properly defending ourselves against it. The Jihad Denial practiced by the Obama administration, after all, enabled and facilitated the Jihadist attacks on our territory, such as the San Bernardino, Orlando and Boston Marathon Jihadist massacres -- which could have easily been prevented if the Obama administration had allowed our intelligence agencies to make a proper threat assessment, which it did not.

Thus, what we see in this videotape exchange between Anni and Steve very much reflects the core of our battle against the Unholy Alliance, for we witness the lies and deceptions that the enemy uses to smear the heroes trying to protect our civilization and to blur the truth -- so that our vision is blinded and our ability to act decapitated.

Consequently, because the tactics that Steve employs in this video are so vital for all freedom-loving people to identify, we will now narrow in on his five main contentions/accusations and unveil their erroneous and disingenuous nature. We encourage all of our readers to watch the short video before reading ahead.

We begin:

[1] Steve knows many peaceful Muslims.
Steve begins by stating that he knows many Muslims that “don’t subscribe” to anything Anni has talked about. This is the "Not All Muslims Do That!" con job. The flawed and deceptive assumption here is that because not all Muslims do something, it somehow makes the problem of Jihad and Sharia -- and their victims -- disappear. But it is completely inconsequential whether all Muslims do something or not. What matters is that Islamic Law exists independently of whether Muslims follow it or not. Muslims, as scholar Raymond Ibrahim points out, are not larger than Islam.

Anni makes the key point to Steve that there are many people who label themselves as “Muslim” but who do not follow Islamic Law. Their existence does not make Islamic Law wither away, nor does it erase the Muslims who follow it -- or the people they hurt by doing so. There are, therefore, naturally many “good” Muslims who may be lucky enough to live free of Sharia and who, thankfully, do not follow Jihadist and other Islamic mandates. But we have to remember that they are considered “bad” Muslims by Islam.

[2] Steve finds the notion that Sharia is trying to take over “absurd.”

Steve states that he finds the notion of Islam trying to take over “absurd,” but what Islam teaches exists independently of what Steve believes. It is simply a fact that all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach that it is part of the responsibility of the Islamic community to struggle (wage Jihad) against unbelievers in order to extend the supremacy of Islamic law (Sharia) worldwide. And the Muslim Brotherhood has clearly stated in its own internal documents that its goal is to destroy our civilization by our own hands.

[3] In every religion there are people who have had “unfortunate experiences.”

Steve stresses that humans have suffered under every religion. Here he is tapping into the popular "Others Do It Too!" charade. This is when the Jihad-Denier hears about a crime committed by Islam and immediately brings up something that someone else has done that is allegedly similar. This tactic is severely flawed for the following two basic reasons:

First, it is based on the false and bizarre assumption that a crime committed by a person in one place should for some reason be exonerated if another person does the same thing somewhere else.

Second, as Robert Spencer documents, there is no moral equivalency between Islam and Christianity/Judaism. For instance, if a Christian commits murder or engages in sexual slavery, he is acting in an un-Christian manner because he is violating Christian teachings. But if Muslims kill unbelievers or force non-Muslim girls into sexual slavery, which the Islamic State and Boko Haram do on a daily basis, they can find justification for this behavior in Islamic texts (for killing unbelievers, see here, and for rape and sex slavery, see here.)

[4] Steve doesn’t know of any honor killings in the United States.

Steve says he is unaware of any honor killings in America, so that means, in his mind, that there must not be any. But, unfortunately, honor killings exist independently of Steve’s knowledge about them. There are, tragically, many honor killings transpiring in America. The Said sisters, Amina and Sarah, for example, were honored murdered by their father in 2008 in Texas for being too Westernized. Noor Almaleki was murdered by her father in a Phoenix suburb in 2009 for the same reason. Aasiya Hassan had her head chopped off in Buffalo, New York in 2009 by her Muslim husband -- whose purported life goal was, intriguingly enough, to show America the “moderate” nature of Islam. Shaima Alawadi was murdered by her husband in California in 2012.

These honor killing victims in America represent myriad other victims. One only needs to go to Pamela Geller’s site, the Geller Report, and do a word search on honor killings in America to see this horrifying and widespread reality.

Steve also appears to believe that Israel is an Islamic country that has honor killings. But Israel is not Islamic nor do honor killings occur there; the ones that may happen in Israel are committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. It is also worth mentioning that the potential victims of honor killings in the Palestinian territories, and other Arab environments -- who include women and homosexuals -- flee to Israel for safe haven.

In the Islamic world, honor killing is a way of life and the police usually do not even act on them. In her memoir Burned Alive: A Victim of the Law of Men, for example, a Palestinian woman who calls herself “Souad” tells the story of her attempted “honor” killing in the West Bank. It is the first account of the practice of honor killings given by a survivor. It is a terrifying story and a must-read.

Steve also verbalizes his fantasy about Islamic authorities not approving of honor killing and honor killing being a “cultural” and pre-Islamic reality. The reality, of course, is that Islamic honor killing is rooted in Islamic misogynist texts. And there is a reason why Islamic authorities approve of honor killings and why, in Jordan, for instance, Articles 97, 98, 99, 340 of the Penal Code are designed to reduce and even erase penalties for honor killing.

Steve also says he had never heard of Reliance of the Traveler, but, again, his having never heard of something doesn’t negate its existence. A classic manual of Sharia, the Reliance of the Traveler is certified by Al-Azhar University and is the most prestigious institution in Sunni Islam. And as Anni patiently explains to Steve, it permits parents to kill their kids if they are dishonoring Islam.

[5] Steve says Anni’s message is one of “hate.”

Steve finishes his attacks by stating that Anni’s message is one of hatred. This is the typical slander that leftists and their Islamic Supremacist allies use to silence truth-tellers about Islam. The key reality to stress here is that Anni’s message is one of love, seeing that she is a child bride survivor who is trying to save not only non-Muslim women and girls, but also Muslim women and girls from the horrors of Islamic gender apartheid. Her objective is to try to protect non-Muslims and Muslims alike from the barbarity of Jihad and Sharia.

Steve is obviously trying to allege that Anni is spreading hatred against Muslims. But he is conflating Islam and Muslims -- which is a common falsehood perpetrated by the Leftist-Islamic Unholy Alliance. Anni is focusing on Islam, which is an ideology, and not on the people who find themselves within its environment and/or suffer because it. She is trying to help and protect those people.

All these libels that Steve casts at Anni are crucial to expose, for they are at the foundation of our enemy’s attack on our freedom and security today. Indeed, the enemy is working 24/7 to cripple our civilization -- and it is doing so by libeling all the brave and noble people who are trying to stand in its way.

We must, therefore, call out the lies against heroes such as Anni Cyrus -- and all truth-tellers about Islamic Law -- every step of the way.

Our lives and liberty depend on it.

Jamie Glazov holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the editor of, the author of the critically-acclaimed, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror, and the host of the web-tv show, The Glazov Gang. Visit his site at, follow him on Twitter: @JamieGlazov, and reach him at


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Hillary Clinton and the fall of Yale and Harvard - Patricia McCarthy

by Patricia McCarthy

Why on Earth would Yale invite Hillary Clinton, the whiniest woman on the planet, to speak at its commencement?

Why on Earth would Yale invite Hillary Clinton, the whiniest woman on the planet to speak at its commencement? Did the administrators not have advance knowledge of her psychosis? Her address to Yale grads was all about her: her loss, her anger at those who did not vote for her. She is, without a doubt, the sorest of sore losers.

Hillary quoted Dickens when bemoaning the constitutional crisis she herself has created by inventing the Trump-colluded-with-Russia hoax. She is the person who colluded with Russia in numerous ways. It was Hillary who saw to it that the U.S. sold twenty percent of our uranium to Russia. She is the one who benefited financially, to the tune of $145M, from that deal. She is the one who commissioned and paid for the fake dossier on Trump and then had her like-minded felons in the Deep State use it to spy on the Trump campaign and probably everyone within it. It was she who was and is affiliated with Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie, the law firm that facilitated much of the skullduggery perpetrated on her behalf. It was she who sabotaged Bernie Sanders during the primaries. And looking back, it was she who made a mess of Libya and is responsible for the deaths at Benghazi. The complete list of her failures and crimes against the nation is too long to include here.

Mrs. Clinton and her husband are the most corrupt people in U.S. history to dominate a political party. They have become fabulously wealthy by selling access to U.S. government favors and via other unscrupulous schemes. And still she whines. She wanted more; she wanted the presidency and believed with absolute certainty that it was hers for the taking. 

Hillary is clearly convinced that her defeat in the 2016 election was a near-death blow to American democracy. In her view, Trump's victory is an assault on our republic. She is still furious at all the deplorables who did not vote for her. She has no concern for those of us who are victims of and are outraged at the senseless crimes committed by illegal aliens protected by sanctuary cities or the businesses shut down by the tyranny of the diversity police.

This woman is a fascist of the first order [sic]. She loathes the freedoms our Founders cherished and thought they had inscribed forever in the Constitution. To Hillary, as to Obama, the Constitution is a document of negative rights; it tells us all what the government cannot do. Like the rest of the D.C. privileged establishment, she feels entitled to tell us all how to live, what to say, what to think, how to act, what to drive, etc. None of them lives by the rules they intend to impose on the rest of us. For example, they all have armed security everywhere they go, but we must not be allowed to have weapons with which to defend ourselves and our families. They are driven about in luxury SUVs, but we should drive only electric tin-can death traps. More than any other word, hypocrisy is the principal characteristic of the Hillary-loving left – hypocrisy and snobbery.

If there is one psychological trait that defines the American left, it is projection. Leftists never tire of accusing those on the right of doing the things they actually do.

Speaking about Democrats, "We stand for truth, for evidence and facts," she told the Yale grads. Uh, no, they don't. They stand for the fabrication of evidence and propaganda to achieve their goals. The media that are in their pocket think nothing of making up "facts" to construct a desired narrative. Hillary lies as easily as she breathes and has over her entire career in politics. She lies, as do Clapper, Brennan, Obama, Rice, etc. – the whole lot of them, who ran the country as their own private fiefdom for eight years.

Even more pathetic than her speech at Yale was the fact that Harvard gave her an award, the Radcliffe Medal, for her "transformative impact on society." But Hillary is no champion of human rights. Ask the Haitians. Her fraudulent "foundation" spends only about 6% on charity; the rest goes to fund the high living of the Clintons, their staff, and Chelsea's "nest egg."

She is not a "skilled legislator." Not even close. She has really accomplished very little, if anything at all, despite all the prestigious positions she has held. She was perhaps most successful at tamping down the "bimbo eruptions" that plagued her husband. She was also good at creating scandals: Whitewater, cattle futures, the W.H. travel office firings, stealing loads of W.H. property when she left. These are just a few examples. The Clinton Foundation itself is one huge money-laundering scandal. Can anyone really come up with a successful Clinton endeavor over the last forty years that did more good than harm?

If Hillary's speech at Yale and her award from Harvard are the standard for excellence and achievement these days, no one should let his sons or daughters go to either of those universities. They have lost all sense of what excellence and achievement are, and if they don't know what it is, they cannot teach it. If they are willing to sacrifice their own prestige to honor a self-serving, power-hungry political hack, they do not deserve the pleasure of anyone's sons' and daughters' presence on their campuses.

Patricia McCarthy


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